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Mark Hokan

Clinical Director and Lead Osteopath (Covent Garden & Cannon Street- Athlete Lab)

Mark has over 16 years of experience in both the sports and clinical field and joined the team in early 2011 as an Osteopath, Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. With degrees in Osteopathy from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine as well as Sports Therapy from the London Metropolitan University, Mark now divides his time working between the two clinics and also at Speedworks, which is a sprinting coaching company based at Lee Valley Athletics Centre. Mark has also worked on the Ladies European Golf Tour as the tour osteopath.

Mark’s experience as a multi-disciplined therapist is invaluable along with his background in sports rehabilitation and working with sporting teams. He has gone from playing semi professional football for a number of years to more recently running marathons and is now up to fifteen. He is chasing that elusive sub 3 hour! 

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Sian Eaton

Lead Osteopath (Covent Garden)

Sian joined our clinical team in 2009, bringing with her a wealth of clinical experience from previous practices.A graduate of the British School of Osteopathy, Sian splits her week as an Osteopath between clinics in Covent Garden and Seven Oaks as well as spending one day a week teaching at the British School of Osteopathy where she works as a clinic tutor, supervising the students in the clinic.

Sian’s strength is the experience she gained from working as part of one of London’s largest multidisciplinary practices for the first 5 years of her career. Working alongside physiotherapists, musculoskeletal physicians, and Consultants has helped Sian to understand how to provide well rounded patient care.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Emanuela Conte

Osteopath & Sports Masseuse (Covent Garden)

Emanuela graduated with a Masters in Osteopathy from the world renowned British School of Osteopathy in London. She currently splits her time between working in our Covent Garden clinic and Osteopathy Zone which is based Deptford where she is the principal osteopath. 

​She has gained valuable experience over the last 14 years working in Italy, Ireland and the UK working as a therapist treating a range of patients from desk workers to athletes. During this time she has acquired a range of techniques including osteopathy, sports massage, acupuncture and kinesio taping to treat musculoskeletal issues. In her spare time she likes to boulder and enjoys spending time cooking as most Italians do! 

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Gareth Degg

Osteopath - Cannon Street (Athlete Lab)

For the past 4 years Gareth has been working closely with a number of high performing Track and Field Athletes where he has helped many athletes achieve personal best times and win medals on a national and international stage. He is currently lead therapist for Reece Prescod, the most recent British athlete to run sub 10 seconds. 

When he is not in clinic he can be found at Lee Valley Athletics Centre or Brunel University playing a key role in many athletes’ health and performance.

As part of his role with athletics he has travelled to different parts of the world for competitions and training camps, including: California, Arizona, Doha, Colombia and Gareth will be travelling to Italy at the end of July as team Osteopath for the Great Britain U20’s team competing in the European Junior Championships.

Gareth’s ideas around health, well-being and fitness are centered around a global approach to dysfunction – meaning the site of pain/problem is frequently only the victim and the true culprit of dysfunction is elsewhere. His approach will often highlight areas that patients were unsuspecting of but then prove to alleviate their original issue.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Laura Wilden

Osteopath - Cannon Street (Athlete Lab)

Gaining a Masters in Osteopathy, as well as a diploma in Naturopathy, Laura graduated from the prestigious British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Having a strong sporting background, Laura treats a wide variety of sporting and mechanical injuries and has worked with many endurance athletes competing in varying events from sprint distance triathlons to full Ironman competitions.

Laura has also worked at grassroots level coaching football, and playing football for the likes of Ipswich and Tottenham ladies.

Laura is a structural Osteopath interested in enhancing the body’s capacity for performance. She has worked in multidisciplinary clinics in London, and in more recent years has developed her scope of practice in the field of ergonomics.

Over the years, Laura has developed a good relationship with a number of top Orthopaedic consultants in Central London, which has provided a seamless network of care when needed.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Tawanda Mukushu

Sports Therapist - Cannon Street (Athlete Lab)

Tawanda comes from a sporting background where he competing to a high level as a junior in track and field.  Personal experience of being injured and seeing the lack of support available, Tawanda decided to pursue a career in Sports Therapy, with a focus on working with athletes.

During his studies he started to work alongside up and coming coach Jonas Dodoo and built a strong relationship with the athletes. This partnership developed and led to Tawanda gaining invaluable experience working with elite athletes at Lee Valley Athletics Centre prior to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in the same year he graduated as a Sports Therapist.

Tawanda now combines his skills as a Sports Therapist alongside further education such as the ELDOA technique which makes him a unique therapist in the world of athletics and is the go-to man for many top athletes.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Mark Edmonds

Sports Massage Therapist - Cannon Street (Athlete Lab)

Mark qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in 1991 with the London School of Sports Massage and has now accrued almost 30 years as a practitioner in private practice. In this time he has delivered close to 40,000 treatments!

He is a former G.B. Elite team triathlete and competed for 23 seasons from 1985-2007 as both a junior and senior international at European & World Championships.

Domestically, his highlights were being 2x Silver medallist at the National Championships (1993/94) and 3x overall winner of the British Grand Prix series (1992-94) as well as winning several British age group National titles. He has also competed in 7 Ironman races, including the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2004.

Mark has a keen interest in working with all sporting people and is very proud to have been a therapist at the 2012 London Olympic Games within Track & Field athletics.

As a practitioner he enjoys helping city workers in releasing work/postural related muscular/tension problems as well as helping/advising people training for various sporting events, such as the London Marathon etc. He has a wealth of knowledge and advice to be able to pass on to his clients.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Sam Tingman

Sports Masseur - Cannon Street (Athlete Lab)

Sam started soft tissue therapy in 2015 gaining experience working for a clinic which was situated alongside the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital where he experienced referrals from various units of the Hospital. The clinic was run by a charity called the disability foundation which allowed him to work with people with various disabilities and from all walks of life. This allowed him to develop his understanding and experience in a clinic environment.


He also began to work closely with professional dancers from Matthew Bourne, Ballet Black and East London Rugby Club and has found a love for elite sport and now works with premier league football team Crystal Palace FC.

If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, headaches, muscular niggles or if you are wanting to improve your performance in your desired sporting activity this ones for you. Sam believes that everyone will benefit from soft tissue treatments.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Joy Ogude

Physiotherapist - Cannon Street (Athlete Lab)

A Chartered Physiotherapist with almost a decade of in-depth, specialist physiotherapy experience, Joy is also known as “The London Physio” and is super excited to join us at Purus Active. She’s a shoulder/elbow, spine and knee specialist and really enjoys treating any associated conditions. Joy will be based at our Monument clinic on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.

Not your average Physiotherapist, Joy is also a fitness influencer with thousands of followers across her social media channels. She runs #SweatWithJoy – a free Facebook live HIIT workout to Afrobeats every Saturday at 9am UK time where people can tune in live and workout with Joy, from anywhere in the world. Pretty magical, huh?!

Joy is extremely proud of her work on social media as this has helped her impact the lives of thousands of people, encouraging them to live healthier, make better food choices and remain injury-free. True to her name, Joy is always full of life and this is evident in her physiotherapy practice and persona, both online and in person. It’s no surprise Joy is a big hit with clients and really does pride herself in getting patients better.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Julia Diamantourou

Osteopath - Victoria (City Athletic)

Julia has a Masters degree in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy. For the past few years she has been working in different multidisciplinary clinics in the UK, Greece and New Zealand, and completed an additional postgraduate training in Ergonomics, Work Space Assessment and Cognitive Psychology.


Julia has a particular clinical interest in using manual therapy to help people experiencing persistent musculoskeletal pain. By recognising how psychological factors (e.g. fear, depression, anxiety) influence the experience and behaviour of individuals suffering chronic pain, She am able to formulate a holistic treatment plan tailored to the individual person. She also have experience in providing osteopathic treatment to expectant mothers and in children.

I have particular clinical interest in using manual therapy to help people experiencing persistent musculoskeletal pain. By recognising how psychological factors (e.g. fear, depression, anxiety) influence the experience and behaviour of individuals suffering chronic pain, I am able to formulate a holistic treatment plan tailored to the individual person. I also have experience in providing osteopathic treatment to expectant mothers and in children.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Mille Lindsey

Physiotherapist - Victoria (City Athletic)

Millie is a physiotherapist that combines both manual therapy and Pilates based rehabilitation to aid recovery. She studied BSc Physiotherapy at St George’s University of London, achieving a first class honours. She demonstrates a holistic approach to treatment to ensure optimum recovery.  


Millie’s interest in physiotherapy started at the age of 15 when years of dedicated training as a National level gymnast resulted in an injury and hip surgery. Subsequently, the post-op rehabilitation programme was the point Millie realised that she wanted to help people rehabilitate and recover. 

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Leo Celestino

Sports Masseur - Onsite at Janus Henderson

Leo qualified as a Sports and Remedial Therapist in London at the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) under the tuition of highly experienced sports masseurs and osteopaths. Since then he has built up a wide portfolio of clients in the London area.

Leo’s first interest in the human body came to the light due to the fact that he has always been fascinated and passionate about anatomy and physiology. He wanted to improve his knowledge in these areas and this naturally led him down the path of sports and remedial massage with the aim of helping and preventing muscle injuries. Leo himself also enjoys exercising including cycling, swimming and gym training. He practices what he preaches and believes that a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Andrew Colley

Head Trainer / Sports Therapist - Covent Garden (Strand Palace Hotel)

One of the founders of Purus Active Health, Andy has been in the health & fitness industry for over ten years as Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer.

After four years as head of Sports Therapy at West Ham United Football Club, Andy went on to establish his own Personal Training company before opening the Purus Active Health clinic.  Alongside his role as Director, Andy is Head Trainer and therapist.

He has developed a team of multi-functional trainers and therapists to assist in delivering clients’ goals and Andy now combines seeing clients with providing direction and guidelines for the team that he manages.

 Purus Active Health - Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Mei-Chi Li

Personal Trainer / Sports, Deep Tissue Massage Therapist - Covent Garden (Strand Palace Hotel)

Mei came to the Purus Active Health clinic as Practice Manager in 2009 following an extensive career in Human Resources in five star hotels.

Not long after starting with Purus, Mei qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer and is now part of the therapy and training team, seeing her own clients alongside running the clinic.  Mei is also a Group Fitness Instructor and regularly teaches Body Attack classes.

She benefits from a rounded approach when delivering services to her clients, combining her knowledge and experience gained from all 3 disciplines in her treatments and when training clients.

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